Rural Communications and promotions

There used to be a time when a rural consumer went to a nearby town to buy any "branded product or service". It was the time was when only a select household used to consume branded goods, be it shirt, lipstick or Shampoo. There were days when only big companies used to flock the rural markets to establish their brands for the longer run. Today, rural market is critical for every marketer - be it for a branded shampoo or a clothing company.

If we go by trends and data it is clearly indicated that the rural markets are coming up in a big way and growing twice as fast as the urban market, witnessing a rise in sales of hitherto typical urban brands. If we go by data then there are almost twice as many 'lower middle income' households in rural areas as in the urban areas. With its intricate knowledge of the Indian rural markets, Mudrak offers a host of services in the field of rural communications. Be it an advertising campaign or just a print campaign, We deliver it all

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