Outdoor Activities

Having foreseen the importance of advertising in mass media Mudrak Infosystems ventured into outdoor activities since inception and since then we have come a long way. Over the years, Mudrak has executed many prestigious projects in the outdoor segment. Mudrak enjoys the confidence and trust of a lot of clients.

Media Management

In today’s time visibility is key. With an old saying “What is seen is what is sold”. We arrange your brand communication to be placed at sites vulnerable to eyeball hits. A complete media plan is etched out keeping the geographics and objectives in view.

Creative Services

Creativity plays a very important role in outdoor activity. Outdoor promotions require a concept, that compels the audience to ‘Wait and Watch’ and this becomes possible with our inhouse creative team which leaves no stone unturned to deliver a breathtaking creative.


Hoardings attract the maximum amount of attention being the largest form of all outdoor promotion strategies. Mudrak designs and develops the entire range of hoarding as a part of its outdoor media strategy.

Bus Shelters/Public Utilities

Bus shelter/ PU advertising has grown out to be a very popular in outdoor advertising. This is a potent medium to surprise, excite and engage the customers. Mudrak Infosystems helps you in designing the concepts for this comparatively new segment of advertising. With our creative and strategy team you get to set yourself in the memory of the customers with increased visibility.


Kiosks are the small billboards placed on poles alongside the roads. The kiosks may be simple or glow sign. They further increase the visibility of your product. Kiosks should be crisp ‘n catchy, so that they can be read at the pass of a second, while a person is passing by. Kiosks can also be used as a teaser before the launch of the product to create hype of the product.


Mudrak has associated with a lot of photographers of fame who help to give your corporate event and the products an image which is presentable to the audience. We create backdrops for corporate meetings, hotels, productions and interiors. All the backdrops are designed as per your requirements and taste of the Audience.

Digital Screens

The highly interactive digital screens make your message appealing to the audience. A digital screen with a catchy caption and a communicative image makes your advertisement noticeable. Digital Screens enjoy the maximum visibility during the evenings. Mudrak helps you in making your expenditure worthwhile with high level of creativity and interactivity.

Flex Banners

Flex Banners display a message, caption or slogan generating a curiosity among the audience. Mudrak works in designing and placement of these banners at strategic locations which give the brand a milage. Cloth banners or Flex banners, whatever your requirement is we do it all. So it’s the time you colour your city with your own brand and colour.

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